Session Details

All-Access Pass to Red Rocks, Nature’s Amphitheater

Tour Denver’s most famous park and recently designated National Historic Landmark. Your all-access pass takes you backstage to the Performers Hall of Fame and screening of "best-of" Red Rocks concert footage to the surrounding hiking trails. This can’t-miss tour celebrates the geological formations that make the amphitheater unique as well as some of the unforgettable musical performances that have made the venue as famous as the stars that have taken the stage.

Gradual earth movement slowly raised the great sandstone ledges from the prehistoric ocean floor to form the "walls" of the amphitheater. Within these walls is contained a record book of the ages as nearby dinosaur tracks tell of the Jurassic period of 160 million years ago. Fossil fragments of the giant 40-foot sea serpent, Plesiosaur, the marine reptile Mosasaurus, and flying reptiles captivate students and geologists alike.

Follow up the tour with an unguided hike along the 1.4-mile Trading Post trail as it goes through spectacular rock formations, valleys, and natural meadows. Some of the terrain is rough, so hiking boots/shoes are recommended. If hiking is not your thing, spend some time visiting the Colorado Music Hall of Fame at the Trading Post or have a snack at Ship Rock Grille. Red Rocks Park is located at an elevation of over 6,000 ft above sea level.

Note: Participants should wear hiking boots or shoes with good tread. Dress in layers, and bring a water bottle as you will breathe heavier at the higher elevation. Participants are strongly encouraged to have acclimated to altitude for at least 24 hours. Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses are recommended.