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Lessons from the Civic Commons

By revitalizing and connecting public places such as parks, plazas, trails and libraries--and transforming what we expect from them and how we manage them--Reimagining the Civic Commons aims to demonstrate how strategic investments in our civic assets can connect people of all backgrounds, cultivate trust and counter the trends of social and economic fragmentation in cities and neighborhoods.

This session explores ongoing efforts in Akron, Philadelphia, and Detroit to reimagine existing assets in disinvested neighborhoods and reconnect them so they can be shared by everybody. We'll take a deep look at how park leaders and community members are partnering to produce more equitably shared prosperity in their neighborhoods and cities.

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Slide Deck: Lessons from the Civic Commons


  • Learn how to reposition parks and public assets as civic infrastructure that welcomes everyone and creates opportunities for shared experiences among a diverse mix of people.
  • Learn how collaborating with community members to effectively and efficiently address shared challenges can create impactful, high-quality, equitable public assets.
  • Learn how to quickly implement small-scale, high-impact projects that cultivate trust and stewardship, inspire more people to utilize public places, and build buy-in and support for larger investments.