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How to Create Urban Landscapes that Mimic Native Ecosystems

Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre organic park in the middle of New York City, was created with ecology in mind. The park's award-winning piers include top notch recreation, from opera to outdoor films, all of it beautifully designed. But the piers also contain native woodlands, freshwater wetlands, salt marshes, and numerous meadows. These landscapes closely mimic native eco-systems and are managed with an emphasis on wildlife habitat. The park effectively encourages native bees, butterflies, and migratory birds, all while battling pests and growing turf.

This workshop will detail many of the strategies used to design and manage a biodiverse landscape, including how to track and encourage wildlife. If we can do it in the middle of the largest city in the country, so can you!

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Slide Deck: How to Create Urban Landscapes that Mimic Native Ecosystems


  • Learn about how dense urban parks support wildlife.
  • Observe a demo on pruning plants for bees.
  • Learn techniques for encouraging wildlife.
  • Discuss how to learn and track park wildlife using traps and apps.