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Where's the Fun without a Bit of Risk?

A good park invites children to explore, discover, and play. These are critical components of youth development. Yet liability concerns often dissuade policy, design, and outreach strategies for embedding play value, adventure, and risk into public parks and playscapes.

Speakers will discuss "safety" and "acceptable risk"; analyze and understand design of an adventure playscape; consider the relationship between risk and play value; and explore opportunities for healthy risk-taking in city parks.

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Slide Deck: Where's the Fun without a Bit of Risk?


  • Learn about safety and acceptable risk in the context of urban play environments and the benefits of healthy risk-taking and physical challenge, and understand how current safety standards incorporate these concepts.
  • Explore playscape and park design elements that support children's ability to take healthy risks.
  • Learn strategies to effectively engage clients, community members, youth and design teams in productive conversations about balancing risk and liability in outdoor playscape projects.