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Preserving the Past to Build the Future: Red Rocks and the Civilian Conservation Corps

The City and County of Denver are undertaking an effort to begin rehabilitating the Red Rocks Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. In 2018, the City and County of Denver launched an ambitious adaptive reuse project to turn one of the CCC barracks at Red Rocks into a new administrative headquarters for HistoricCorps.

During the process, the design and construction team learned what it takes to turn a 75-year-old temporary building into a fully-functional permanent office space. The team paid special attention to maintaining the integrity and character of the building, following the Secretary of the Interior’s standards and establishing a model that could be replicated for other buildings in the camp. The adaptive re-use of Barracks 1 was a successful proof of concept that demonstrated what is within the realm of possibility at the Red Rocks CCC camp. But with fourteen other significant and often vacant structures, how can the City and County of Denver replicate the success throughout the CCC camp?

On this mobile workshop, participants will learn about challenges, decision-making for materials and finishes, and common pitfalls involved in turning what was designed as a temporary building into a usable permanent structure. It will also discuss the options for future use, fiscal and land use challenges, and how to bring the camp back to life while maintaining its high cultural resource value.

After an onsite learning experience, the workshop will stop at Red Rocks — Denver’s most famous park and recently designated National Historic Landmark.