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  • Urban Greening and Biodiversity
  • Parks as Infrastructure
  • Activating Urban Parks through Recreation
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      Registration services for Greater & Greener participants and guests. If you are participating in a Saturday weekend tour, we recommend you pick up your credentials during this time. If you arrive later than 8 PM, registration services will be available starting at 8 AM the following day. MORE INFO
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      Registration services for Greater & Greener participants and guests. If you are participating in a Sunday weekend tour, we recommend you pick up your credentials during this time. Registration is open until 8 PM. If you arrive later, registration opens at 8 AM on Sunday. MORE INFO
    • Bike O' The Bear: Single Track Mountain Biking

      Grab your helmet and challenge yourself on one of Denver’s great mountain bike trails. Nestled within the Front Range, Lair o' the Bear Park is a Jefferson County open space park juxtaposed between the Denver Mountain Parks of Pence and "Little" and the starting point of this high-energy tour. The ... MORE INFO
    • All-Access Pass to Red Rocks, Nature’s Amphitheater

      Tour Denver’s most famous park and recently designated National Historic Landmark. Your all-access pass takes you backstage to the Performers Hall of Fame and screening of "best-of" Red Rocks concert footage to the surrounding hiking trails. This can’t-miss tour celebrates the geological formations that make the amphitheater unique as well ... MORE INFO

      River Rafting with cityWILD

      Since 1998, cityWILD has engaged in a bold effort to bring the typically exclusive world of outdoor experiential education to a broad, inclusive audience. CityWILD cultivates deep connections between youth and the natural world, working with them to develop their full potential and achieve their wildest dreams. CityWILD's programs engage ... MORE INFO
    • Locally Sourced and Enjoyed

      Spend the day learning about the vibrant urban agriculture food scene in Denver. You will learn how food can be used as a powerful tool in economic growth, personal financial freedom, job training, and creating a lasting sense of community.The tour begins at a Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) garden. Every ... MORE INFO
    • Get High! Explore Denver’s Tallest Peaks and More

      If you have never been to Colorado, many say the one thing you must do is “climb a fourteener.” This hybrid coach and hiking tour takes you out of Denver (elevation 5,250 feet above sea-level) and gradually brings you up to 10,600 ft. to Echo Lake Park, our first stop.At ... MORE INFO
    • Bike the High Line Canal: A Crown Jewel of Denver’s Trail Network

      Meandering 71 miles through the diverse physical and social mosaic of the region, experiencing the High Line Canal means connecting with nature and communities. The High Line Canal is one of the longest and most spectacular linear urban parks in the nation. It spans 11 governmental jurisdictions as its tree-lined ... MORE INFO
    • P.S. You Are Here! Denver's Public Art and Creative Placemaking Program

      Learn how the city's public art program and new P.S. You Are Here creative placemaking program are cultivating collaborative, community-led outdoor projects in public spaces. Through Denver Arts & Venues, we have best practices in the field for leveraging small to large funds that can support creative, short-term physical improvements ... MORE INFO

      Paris on the Platte: The City Beautiful Movement in Denver with Happy Haynes

      The City Beautiful movement of the latter half of the 19th century, popularized by the Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893, had a profound influence in many growing American cities at that time, including Denver. Join Denver Parks and Recreation Director Happy Haynes on this historic parkway tour to each of ... MORE INFO
    • Blooms and Tombs

      The Denver Botanic Gardens in the Cheesman Park neighborhood is a 23-acre public park with a conservatory, a variety of theme gardens, and a sunken amphitheater which hosts various concerts in the summer. Tour the botanic gardens and learn about the ongoing conservation efforts and plant diversity while exploring the distinctive ... MORE INFO

      Golden Triangle Creative District- Celebrating Life, Work, and Culture!

      Get a taste of Denver's best art scene in the up-and-coming Golden Triangle neighborhood. Tour local museums and galleries and have bites from local restaurants. Learn about the connection between neighborhood, business, and government. The creative district advances the Triangle neighborhood as an internationally celebrated arts and culture destination by ... MORE INFO

      Runways to Bikeways: A Tour of the Stapleton Redevelopment

      Explore the largest urban infill community in America--the former Stapleton Airport--by bike, and learn how it has developed over the past 20 years. Today Stapleton contains more than 10,000 residents, nearly 1,100 acres of public parks, and miles of connected trail systems. It has become one of the most desirable ... MORE INFO
    • Registration

      Registration services for Greater & Greener participants and guests. If you are participating in a Sunday weekend tour, we recommend you pick up your credentials at 8 a.m. If you are attending the opening reception, please retrieve your credentials during this time period. MORE INFO
    • Denver’s Mountain Parks and Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy

      In the early 1900s, Denver acquired 14,000 acres of foothill land that set the stage for tourism and an enviable string of scenic mountain parks. From the Mt. Morrison Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp at Red Rocks Park through Lookout Mountain Park/Buffalo Bill Museum and the Lariat Trail, explore work ... MORE INFO
    • Rafting Through Change

      Since 2012, Denver Parks and Recreation has invested over $30M in six projects along the South Platte River that runs through the heart of Denver. These projects represent the greatest investment in our urban river parks in a generation and embody the guiding principles set forth in the visionary River ... MORE INFO
    • Hike or Bike: Explore a Century of Park History in Boulder

      On foot or by two-wheels, experience the best of Boulder on a fun and informative tour of the city.Start your day with a guided tour of the grounds at Chautauqua Park, Boulder's most historic park located at the base of the iconic Flatirons. Over 100 years ago, city residents took ... MORE INFO
    • Volunteer Service Day

      What’s the best way to kick off Greater & Greener 2019? Roll up your sleeves, grab a pair of gloves, and make your mark in the Mile-High City by volunteering to install new playground equipment and help refurbish St. Charles Place Park!The 2019 Volunteer Service Day project is led by ... MORE INFO
    • Go Fish!

      The South Platte River has undergone a massive cleanup and restoration effort over the last 30 years. On June 16, 1965, fourteen inches of rain fell in just over four hours, sending a torrent of water down the South Platte River through the heart of Denver. The resulting flood was ... MORE INFO
    • Genesee Challenge Course with Bison Spectators

      Genesee is Denver’s largest mountain park at over 2,400 acres and only 30 minutes west of the city. Genesee offers diverse visitor experiences, from bison viewing and picnicking, to backcountry hiking and rappelling. Set in a beautiful stand of Ponderosa pines overlooking the Continental Divide is a challenge course waiting ... MORE INFO
    • From Chemical Weapons to Conservation

      The Rocky Mountain Arsenal was built 1942 to manufacture chemical weapons. The site was designated a national wildlife refuge in 1992 and underwent a costly environmental cleanup in order to remove pollutants. The refuge is now home to more than 300 species including raptors, deer, raccoons, coyotes, white pelicans and ... MORE INFO
    • River North Art District: Art, Beer, and Parks!

      Denver’s burgeoning River North neighborhood (RiNo), one of the city’s earliest industrial areas, is also Denver’s first art district. With this eclectic mix of gritty urban industry and a strong and vibrant art community, RiNo has become a popular destination for the many millennials moving to Denver. Anticipating this growth, ... MORE INFO

      Pedal, Paddle, and Play in Washington Park

      Located in a residential section, Washington Park centers on its namesake green space, a rectangular expanse with sport facilities, formal flower gardens, and winding trails for cycling and jogging. An elegant boathouse overlooks Smith Lake, which is popular with kayakers and anglers. On this tour, peddle along with the group ... MORE INFO
    • 16th Street Mall Experience

      Originally designed by world-renowned architect, I.M. Pei, the 16th Street Mall was built in 1982 and is one of Denver’s most popular attractions and iconic urban spaces. The 1.25-mile-long pedestrian, tree-lined promenade runs through the center of downtown surrounded by outdoor cafes, historic buildings, shops, restaurants, and retail stores. The ... MORE INFO

      PARKXCHANGE Workshop: Developing City-wide Park Partnerships

      During this Deep Dive Interactive Workshop, participants will learn how to apply the principles for successful park partnerships to their own work through in-depth analysis of case studies from other cities, discussion with guest speakers sharing their approaches, and small group discussion with peers from around the country. This workshop ... MORE INFO
    • Building an Equitable and Inclusive Organization

      In this deep-dive interactive workshop, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy will describe essential approaches to inclusive programming and building an inclusive organization, such as building relationships, breaking down institutional barriers, meeting community needs, modeling authentic community engagement, gaining staff and leadership buy-in, and institutionalizing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) baselines. ... MORE INFO
    • Opening Reception | Confluence Park

      Greater & Greener 2019 opens the conference program with a reception at Shoemaker Plaza in Confluence Park where both the South Platte River and the Cherry Creek meet.Confluence Park, part of Denver's "River Vision Project," is located in the heart of downtown Denver(LoDo), a bustling district of 19th-century brick warehouses ... MORE INFO
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      Registration services for Greater & Greener participants and guests. MORE INFO
    • Coffee & Tea Service

      Join us early for some fresh coffee and healthy start items. MORE INFO
    • Exhibition Hall

      The Exhibition Hall for the 2019 Greater & Greener conference is the main gathering place. Whether during coffee and tea service, during a break, or any time during the day, we hope you will spend time here and visit our great exhibitors with unique products and services. MORE INFO
    • Opening Remarks | Welcome

      Catherine Nagel, the Executive Director of City Parks Alliance, will welcome conference attendees to the Mile High City and introduce the day's program. MORE INFO
    • Keynote | Plenary Session: Biodiverse Cities

      Biodiversity—the essential variety of life forms on Earth—continues to decline in every region of the world, significantly reducing nature's capacity to contribute to people's well-being. This alarming trend endangers economies, livelihoods, food security, and the quality of life of people everywhere. Compounded this with the urgency outlined in the recent ... MORE INFO
    • Networking Break

      Refresh and reinvigorate yourself, and discover our exhibitors' wonderful products and services in the Exhibition Hall. MORE INFO
    • Repurposing Urban Infrastructure for Park Development

      Transformation is possible for cities of all sizes - and even on some of the most environmentally-degraded landscapes. One of the largest brownfields sites in the country is now showcased as part of a unique cultural and entertainment urban park known as The SteelStacks, in Bethlehem, PA. The open and ... MORE INFO

      Active Parks, Healthy Cities

      The National Study of Neighborhood Parks found that many local parks are underutilized for physical activity, especially among females and seniors. But they also offer an opportunity to get all people, regardless of age, gender, physical abiity or income, outdoors and moving. In this session you'll hear about innovative programs ... MORE INFO

      Protecting Parks through Advocacy

      Successful park advocacy requires a variety of strategic approaches. In this session, hear from two nonprofits who have pursued a variety of strategies to protect their threatened parks. The Overton Parks Conservancy cultivated a constituency through purposeful communications, and sometimes non-traditional partnerships, over multiple years, and were able to draw ... MORE INFO

      Designing Parks and Playspaces for Accessibility

      It's essential that our public spaces are universally accessible, designed to accommodate and provide great experiences for all individuals regardless of age, ability, or ethnicity. Universally accessible spaces should also accommodate those with sensory processing disorders and other neuro developmental issues, such as autism and attention disorders. This session will ... MORE INFO

      Sustainable Funding Models for Park Nonprofits

      Learn from two successful park conservancies about creative and innovative fundraising strategies for creating sustainable long-term funding sources. Forest Park Forever, a leading parks conservancy in St. Louis, has a compelling story to share about how it built a $100+ million endowment for ongoing Forest Park maintenance. Their presentation will ... MORE INFO

      Bringing Nature to Neighborhoods and Advancing Urban Ecology

      In this session, you'll hear how Portland OR, is working at multiple scales to bring biodiversity back to the city and its neighborhoods. Portland Parks and Recreation's new ecologically sustainable landscapes program brings nature to neighborhood parks -- improving the ecological functions of park spaces while expanding local access to ... MORE INFO

      Resilient Cities: Park Planning for Resiliency

      In recent years, many cities have experienced devastating flooding. Houston's Hurricane Harvey and New York City's Superstorm Sandy resulted in billions of dollars in damage and were devastating to people's livelihoods and homes. In the recently released Design and Planning for Flood Resiliency, New York City Parks lays out a ... MORE INFO

      Parks, Housing, and Inclusive Economic Development

      Park investments, whether creating new signature parks or improving neighborhood parks, often spur economic development in the surrounding neighborhoods. In low-income communities, economic growth has the potential to create new employment opportunities, wealth for homeowners and increased business opportunities; however, too often, existing residents are left out of that economic ... MORE INFO
    • Lessons from the Civic Commons

      By revitalizing and connecting public places such as parks, plazas, trails and libraries--and transforming what we expect from them and how we manage them--Reimagining the Civic Commons aims to demonstrate how strategic investments in our civic assets can connect people of all backgrounds, cultivate trust and counter the trends of ... MORE INFO
    • Lunch & Peer-to-Peer Sessions

      Join us for a tasty boxed lunch served in the Exhibition Hall. From there, you can bring it to one of our many peer-to-peer sessions taking place throughout the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. Refer to your conference mobile app and screens located in the Exhibition Hall for topics and locations.... MORE INFO
    • Funders' Learning Network: Peer-to-Peer Session

      Join your peers in philanthropy for lunch and a panel session featuring leaders in urban park and public space grant-making, followed by a roundtable discussion. Watch this space for updates on speakers and session topics, curated with input from City Parks Alliance foundation members.Note: This Peer-to-Peer event is a ... MORE INFO
    • Networking Break

      After lunch and an invigorating Peer-to-Peer session, return to the Exhibition Hall for additional time with our exhibitors to learn about products and services for your organization MORE INFO
    • The Urbanization of Westminster and Metro Denver

      As the Denver metropolitan area continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, many of the suburban cities are evolving and becoming more urbanized through new development. This workshop will tour downtown Westminster.A vibrant public realm is central to the design and livability of the new downtown Westminster. Inclusive access to ... MORE INFO
    • Creating Family-Friendly Downtowns

      Presenters from Providence and San Francisco will share lessons from the transformation of downtown parks and civic centers into thriving family-friendly public spaces.In 2010, the Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy (DPPC) introduced children’s programming to activate an urban park that had fallen into neglect, using "Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper" strategies and the ... MORE INFO

      Citizen Science: Measuring and Monitoring Urban Nature

      Citizen science involves public participation in scientific research often in ecological context. In this session we will explore both citizen engagement in measuring eco-systems and biodiversity as well as citizen approaches to inventory trees. The integration of citizen science to guide park design and monitor ecosystem health offers a specific ... MORE INFO

      Investing in Parks and Greenspaces: A Funder's Perspective

      When it comes to park development, maintenance, and programming, successful projects are often those that are able to raise funds and support from a variety of sources. This funders panel will provide insight to community groups and fundraisers as to which aspect of their work is most appealing to funders ... MORE INFO

      Engaging Children in Nature

      In this session, participants will hear about strategies for increasing children's access and connection to nature, through a national program, a regional program and two local programs. Speakers will share tools, techniques, and programs that connect urban children with the outdoors to create a positive, fun and comfortable experience for ... MORE INFO

      Tech Tools for Improved Park Management

      Data and technology are powerful tools which can enhance park management and maintenance. They can also be intimidating. Attendees will learn how New York City and Denver have developed and evolved data management and technology within their departments over many years to better plan, implement and track management and maintenance ... MORE INFO

      Small-Scale Fundraising and Activity-Driven Sponsorships

      Over the last ten years, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation has managed and expanded the department's revenue generating concessions, including cafes, food trucks, bike and boat rentals, a new aerial adventure course, and the wildly popular PARKS ON TAP traveling beer garden, raising over $10 million. They have also created the ... MORE INFO

      Building Ownership through Community Stewardship

      This session will explore four different models of community-based park stewardship and how to create an organizational culture that fosters community participation and ownership. We'll look at the lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and the benefits of how an engaged community contributes not only to resilient parks but resilient communities. ... MORE INFO
    • Outdoor Downtown

      Denver Parks & Recreation and the Downtown Denver Partnership are collaborating to create an innovative master plan for downtown Denver’s outdoor spaces. The 20-year plan will focus on enhancing quality of life in the downtown area through investment in parks and public spaces. These outdoor spaces will create a vibrant, ... MORE INFO

      River Vision: North

      River Vision is creating an urban environment that is healthy, habitable and connected by focusing on ecosystem restoration through sustainable natural systems.This tour will focus on the northern redevelopment of this project. You will start your tour at the National Western Stock Show which is undergoing a massive redevelopment. The ... MORE INFO

      Parks and Horticulture: Denver's Greenhouse

      Established in the late 1800s, the City Park Greenhouse serves as Denver Parks and Recreation's horticultural core by growing and distributing landscape bedding plants, shrubs, and other ornamental plants for Denver park districts and other city agencies. The greenhouse is also a key player in Denver's "City Beautiful" movement.During this ... MORE INFO

      Denver's Park Ranger Program

      Denver and its mountain parks offer residents and visitors alike an unequaled opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Denver park rangers maximize public safety, protect park resources, and provide service to visitors to make all of this possible.In this workshop, learn about the Denver Parks and Recreation ranger program. Participants ... MORE INFO

      Natural Areas Management in an Urban Context

      Denver's natural areas include open space, mountain parks, and other parcels of undeveloped land. These areas and their resources are managed by the Office of the City Naturalist, which maintains them as essential refuges for the many plants and animals that call them home. Natural areas are large supporters of ... MORE INFO

      Denver Mountain Parks and Jefferson County Open Space at Evergreen

      Denver Mountain Parks and Jefferson County Open space share many things including land protection and a dedication to providing outdoor recreation opportunities. Fostering an inter-jurisdictional relationship is not easy nor perfect, yet, it is a product of the times. Relationships such as these need to be monitored and adjusted to best serve ... MORE INFO

      Building Community through Collaboration

      Take a walking tour of one of Denver's most rapidly changing neighborhoods and explore a city's responsibility to residents when public investments spur market forces that may accelerate changes to vulnerable communities.Learn how Denver is working to craft infrastructure projects that benefit the community. While on this tour, the North ... MORE INFO

      Re-Imagine Play

      See how Denver has “re-imagined play” at the city’s newest playground at Paco Sanchez Park. This state-of-the-art project goes beyond just play; re-imagine play focuses on multi-generational activities and programming with the goal of inspiring children and families to engage in physical health through active fun for a lifetime.The highlights ... MORE INFO

      Preserving the Past to Build the Future: Red Rocks and the Civilian Conservation Corps

      The City and County of Denver are undertaking an effort to begin rehabilitating the Red Rocks Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp. In 2018, the City and County of Denver launched an ambitious adaptive reuse project to turn one of the CCC barracks at Red Rocks into a new administrative headquarters ... MORE INFO

      Platte to Park Hill: Integrating Stormwater Infrastructure with Recreational Amenities

      This workshop highlights how diverse municipal divisions and design team members collaborate to integrate stormwater infrastructure with high-quality recreational and community assets. Addressing stormwater management needs in urban environments becomes progressively more challenging as storm and flood events become more severe and unpredictable. By incorporating green infrastructure solutions that also ... MORE INFO
    • Funders' Learning Network: Mobile Workshop

      Network with your peers in philanthropy while you explore a guided tour of Denver parks and park partnerships. The itinerary will be developed in response to a survey of City Parks Alliance foundation members. Watch this space for more information and details on the final workshop itinerary and tour locations, ... MORE INFO
    • Best Practices for Driving Equitable Investments in Parks

      In this session, we'll explore best practices from around the country for ensuring the equitable investment of public dollars in parks and recreational programming. Attendees will hear how cities around the country have been purposeful about establishing criteria for investment in parks and green infrastructure in low-income communities and then ... MORE INFO

      Parks, Energy, and Water: Integrating Systems for Community Benefit

      Through innovative approaches and community partnerships, cities and their utility partners are finding ways to provide energy and stormwater infrastructure with community open space benefits.Xcel Energy will share the story of working with Thornton, CO, to add neighborhood green space as part of the construction of a new electric sub-station. ... MORE INFO

      Tech Tools for Park Selection and Planning

      Presenters from The Trust for Public Land will share their "Climate Smart Cities" decision support tool and their "ParkServe" platform and its access impact mapping tools, which provide data and decision support for cities around the country. Climate Smart Cities arms communities with climate related data and maps for park ... MORE INFO
    • Exhibition Hall Happy Hour

      Join us for this casual, informal, and popular get together for a glass of beer or wine and some lite fare while visiting with our exhibitors in a relaxed, congenial atmosphere. MORE INFO
    • Registration

      Registration services for Greater & Greener participants and CEU form drop-off. MORE INFO
    • Exhibition Hall

      The Exhibition Hall for the 2019 Greater & Greener conference is the main gathering place. Whether during coffee and tea service, during a break, or any time during the day, we hope you will spend time here and visit our great exhibitors with unique products and services. MORE INFO
    • Coffee & Tea Service

      Join us early for some fresh coffee and healthy start items. MORE INFO
    • Keynote | Mayors Forum: City Building

      Parks and recreation drive real solutions to the big challenges facing cities. They are powerful agents helping communities address financial stability, environmental threats, community health, and social isolation, just to name a few. City parks have grown beyond their traditional physical and conceptual boundaries and now serve multiple functions as ... MORE INFO
    • Greater & Greener 2021 Philadelphia | Closing Remarks

      Before heading off to another exciting day of educational sessions and mobile workshops, get a sneak peek of our International Forum and the Greater & Greener 2021 conference in Philadelphia. MORE INFO
    • Networking Break

      Refresh and reinvigorate yourself, and discover our exhibitors' wonderful products and services in the Exhibition Hall. MORE INFO
    • Value Capture Strategies for Financially Self-Sustaining Parks

      Come to this session to learn about funding approaches that are tapping into adjacent real estate and economic development to bring financial resources to urban parks.Brooklyn Bridge Park, created by an agreement that transferred land from New York State to New York City, required that the park's operation be entirely ... MORE INFO

      Reinterpreting Park Narratives Incorporating History of Marginalized Populations

      In this unique deep dive workshop, learn how four different cities are engaging with historically-marginalized populations to reinterpret their history and narratives in parks. Speakers will share their community-engaged research working with First Nations and African American communities to generate counter narratives that can empower underrepresented voices in the park ... MORE INFO
    • Propagating Biodiverse Cities

      As cities try to recreate wildlife habitat and restore native ecosystems, they struggle to procure appropriate plant material.In this session, learn how the Washington DC Department of the Environment, the University of the District of Columbia, and the DC Department of Parks and Recreation are collaborating to grow a variety ... MORE INFO

      Parks and Private Development: Designing Multi-Functional Infrastructure

      This session will look at large-scale planning and implementation of park systems that are catalyzing mixed-use communities in the Americas in partnership with private sector developers. In Texas, three projects—from a former airport turned LEED certified neighborhood in Austin, to Alliance Town Center in Ft. Worth that incorporates a 14-acre ... MORE INFO

      Measuring the Social Impact of Parks

      This session will convene leaders who are looking beyond well established metrics, like tax revenues, job creation, and property values, and are pioneering new dynamic methods and lenses for measuring the quantitative and qualitative impacts of parks on social justice. One example is the work of Interface Studio in partnership ... MORE INFO

      Where's the Fun without a Bit of Risk?

      A good park invites children to explore, discover, and play. These are critical components of youth development. Yet liability concerns often dissuade policy, design, and outreach strategies for embedding play value, adventure, and risk into public parks and playscapes.Speakers will discuss "safety" and "acceptable risk"; analyze and understand design of ... MORE INFO

      City-Wide Park System Master Planning

      This discussion will explore how two rapidly-growing cities with varying demographics, landscape characteristics, and user needs have moved from program centric master planning to visions for how their park systems can drive their future growth and quality of life.The city of Bentonville, Arkansas, population 35,000, recognized their region’s explosive growth, ... MORE INFO

      Activating Parks Through Tech Tools and Social Media

      Done right, technology, particularly with data gathering, can serve as a powerful community engagement tool that can be deployed at park sites. From mobile apps that encourage new audiences to share their park experiences to technology based art installations that bring untold stories to life, technological innovations offer a range ... MORE INFO

      Funding Parks and Green Infrastructure in Low-Income Communities

      In this session, participants will learn about new and emerging funding sources and innovative ways to apply traditional funding sources for parks and green infrastructure in low-income communities. The Urban Institute, Groundwork USA, and City Parks Alliance will share the results of their joint national research on funding parks and ... MORE INFO
    • Lunch on Your Own

      Explore local eateries near the Ellie Caulkins Opera House or grab a quick bite and enjoy the Denver Sculpture Park. A list of local restaurants can be found on your conference mobile app. MORE INFO
    • Networking Break & Ice Cream Social

      We hope you left room for ice cream! After lunch, return to the Exhibition Hall for additional time with our exhibitors and our popular ice cream social. MORE INFO
    • River Vision: South

      River Vision is creating an urban environment that is healthy, habitable, and connected focusing on ecosystem restoration through sustainable natural systems. This workshop focuses on the Southern redevelopment of this project.Participants will learn about the ecological renovation of the South Platte River, stormwater management tactics, and how to work with partners ... MORE INFO

      Urban Agriculture: Growth in a Food Desert

      Community development in a rapidly changing city continues to challenge Denver’s most economically marginalized neighborhoods. Two particular organizations: Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and Re:Vision have been working diligently to ensure these marginalized neighborhoods preserve their culture while transforming them into thriving, resilient communities.Denver Urban Gardens believes that communities must ... MORE INFO

      Nature Play

      Learn how Denver is incorporating nature play to provide opportunities for all types of play, including gross motor, fine motor, imaginative, solitary, and collaborative play. The tour will start at City Park where participants will meet with representatives from the Museum of Nature and Science to discuss the partnership between ... MORE INFO

      Stapleton: A Neighborhood Taking Off

      In 1995, when the opening of Denver International Airport meant the closing of Stapleton International Airport, Denver had the unique opportunity to transform 7.5 square miles of runways, concourses, and terminals into a beautiful, new community. It would be the largest urban in-fill redevelopment in the country and, to this ... MORE INFO

      A Neighborhood Empowered: Westwood

      The Westwood neighborhood, one of the most culturally vibrant neighborhoods in the Denver Metro Area, is on the verge of dynamic change and reinvestment, benefiting current and future residents and employees while not resulting in displacement. The Westwood community has a culturally rich population that has proven to be resilient ... MORE INFO

      From Nukes to Nature: The Rocky Mountain National Wildlife Refuge

      The Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) was built in 1942 to manufacture chemical weapons. A portion of the site was leased to private industry in 1946 for petroleum production and agricultural and industrial chemical manufacturing. When the American chemical weapons program was shut down after the Vietnam War, the RMA served ... MORE INFO

      Homelessness in Denver

      Many cities face the issue of homelessness. This tour will explore homelessness in Denver and the programs created to alleviate it. The tour will start at Civic Center Park where participants will speak with employees of Denver Day Works- a program started to create jobs for homeless people in Denver. ... MORE INFO

      Moving Recreation Outside

      Denver's recreation programming isn't limited by the walls of its 31 recreation centers; it also includes outdoor recreation programs like winter sports, environmental education, hiking, a mountain bike course, urban skiing/snowboarding, and much more.On this tour participants will learn how Denver Parks and Recreation is working to move traditional indoor ... MORE INFO

      Denver's Front Yard: Downtown's Public Realm

      Downtown Denver is the economic and cultural center of Colorado’s Front Range and the Rocky Mountain region. Since 2000, the downtown residential population has increased 200% amongst a growing number of workers, students, and visitors who experience and enjoy daily Denver’s "Front Yard" through a variety of urban parks, public spaces, ... MORE INFO
    • How to Create Urban Landscapes that Mimic Native Ecosystems

      Brooklyn Bridge Park, an 85-acre organic park in the middle of New York City, was created with ecology in mind. The park's award-winning piers include top notch recreation, from opera to outdoor films, all of it beautifully designed. But the piers also contain native woodlands, freshwater wetlands, salt marshes, and ... MORE INFO

      How City Parks Contribute to Vibrant and Healthy Communities for All

      As governments at all levels cut budgets for parks, this session will make a strong case for city parks and illustrate their vital role in creating vibrant and healthy communities. This session will inspire a vision for parks as central drivers to vibrant cities and suggest concrete actions to help ... MORE INFO

      Increasing Park Program Accessibility for Low-Income Residents

      When a parks and recreation department creates free or low cost programs, primarily intended to serve low income residents, often low income residents miss out on the opportunity to participate due to ineffective outreach and communication by the department. However, cross-sector partnership can help.This session will explore how park and ... MORE INFO

      Parks and Workforce Development

      This session will explore two workforce development models that combine workforce readiness training with environmental stewardship in parks and other green spaces. Landforce, in Pittsburgh, hires people with significant barriers to employment and provides soft and hard skills training with a trauma -centered approach, while hiring people to build trails, ... MORE INFO

      Building Capacity Through Small Grant Programs

      Many park departments and their city-wide non-profit partners are improving and activating parks through small grant programs for neighborhood parks groups. A core purpose of this is to build the capacity of neighborhood parks groups to engage in planning, programming, and stewardship of their local parks. Small grant programs enable ... MORE INFO

      Advocating through Activation: Creative Strategies to Save Our Pools

      In many cities, neighborhood pools are under threat of closure due to tight budgets and the high cost of maintenance and operations. In this session, learn how residents in Austin and New York worked with nonprofits and the parks department to activate and advocate for their neighborhood pools. Saving Austin's ... MORE INFO

      Schoolyard Greening

      School districts and cities across the country are starting to develop their schoolyards as places for outdoor learning, physical activity, and play during the school day and used by the community as a park during out of school time. School districts and city governments like those in New York and ... MORE INFO
    • Placemaking in the Piedmont and Pueblo: Equity in Communities of Color through Arts and Culture

      The three-year ArtPlace America Community Development Investments (CDI) initiative has created new equity opportunities in parks in two very different low-income communities of color — a Native community in Zuni, New Mexico, and an African American community in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both are using an arts ... MORE INFO

      Creating Public Places in Overlooked Spaces

      Opportunities for creating public space in the inner city are plentiful when planners focus on existing, unused locations in creative and unique ways. This session will explore innovative projects that repurposed vacant public spaces in Los Angeles and Baltimore and where diverse communities have played a role in re-envisioning distressed ... MORE INFO

      Nontraditional Partnerships for Stormwater Management and Urban Greening

      Learn about two innovative approaches for non-traditional partnerships around stormwater management. The District of Columbia's Department of Energy and Environment launched the Community Stormwater Solutions grant program in 2016 to provide start-up funding of up to $20,000 for community-oriented projects aimed at improving water quality. The District works with public ... MORE INFO
    • Closing Reception | Civic Center Park

      As Greater & Greener 2019 comes to a close, it's time to wind down with friends old and new at Civic Center Park. Located at the crossroads of government, culture, commerce, and community, this historic 12-acre oasis is bordered by the State Capitol, the City and County Building, the Denver ... MORE INFO
    • International Forum

      Presented by City Parks Alliance in partnership with World Urban Parks.

      The world urban population will double from 3.5 billion to over 7 billion in the next 40 years with 8 of 10 people expected to live in cities by the year 2060. This means that half of the communities ...