International Forum

International Cities Leverage the Power of Parks to Address Local Challenges

The world urban population will double from 3.5 billion to over 7 billion in the next 40 years with 8 of 10 people expected to live in cities by the year 2060. This means that half of the communities that will exist within the lifetime of our children have not been built yet. People are also living longer: the global population of people 60 years or over is expected to more than double in the next three decades. Moreover, global warming is occurring faster than predicted, increasing extreme weather events and changing the environmental conditions that may cause tens of millions of people to be displaced. Much of this change will take place in countries where the average person lives under $20,000 annually.

Plan your conference schedule to include the International Forum on Wednesday, July 24. You won’t want to miss this half-day session that will focus on how parks and recreation are being positioned to support future sustainability in rapidly growing cities, with solutions that are adaptable to all cities. Among them is the urban realm reimagined as a place where people of all ages can live and thrive. Learn from global leaders who are using creative partnerships for programming, multi-generational design, and place-based development to meet human needs for play and creative action.

The International Forum is presented in partnership with World Urban Parks.




"Six years ago I stumbled upon Greater & Greener and City Parks Alliance's websites, and six months later [I attended Greater & Greener 2012 in New York].

Greater & Greener changed my life, and I hope the conference inspires many to change the lives of others in their communities." 

Luis Romahn - Presidente Associación Nacional de Parques y Recreación