International Forum

International Cities Leverage the Power of Parks to Address Local Challenges

The International Forum at Greater & Greener 2019 is a day to broaden our horizons and learn about projects and models from around the globe. The sessions will feature international examples and leaders using the power of parks to address some of the biggest challenges in cities and identify commonalities across boarders that participants can use in their own cities. International attendance and interest at Greater & Greener is strong and the International Forum continues to be a huge draw and must attend for global leaders in the parks world.


"Six years ago I stumbled upon Greater & Greener and City Parks Alliance's websites, and six months later [I attended Greater & Greener 2012 in New York].

Greater & Greener changed my life and I hope the conference inspires many to change the lives of others in their communities." 

Luis Romahn - Presidente Associación Nacional de Parques y Recreación