Celebrate Juneteenth in Philadelphia

Celebrate Juneteenth in Philadelphia

With our mission to support parks and green spaces that contribute to more equitable cities, City Parks Alliance is pleased that Greater & Greener 2022 will occur over the second federally recognized celebration of Juneteenth– the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States– in Philadelphia, a city of rich historical significance.

Below you can find links to celebrations happening in our host city during the conference that you should feel free to take advantage of while here attending the conference:


The theme of social equity is deeply interwoven into the Greater & Greener program, being a major component of all four of this year’s conference tracks: Co-Creating Civic Life; Equitable Economic and Community Development; Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Communities; and Resilient Cities. 


Sunday, June 19th Weekend Tours


Monday, June 20th

General Session Plenary: This moderated conversation about the roles of parks and public spaces in social resilience—how they operate as important civic arenas, serving as the backdrop for all kinds of speech, protests, and cultural expression—will explore evolving park management approaches to support new forms of public dialogue.

Our invited expert panel will consider aspects such as: the role of public space in community history and culture, how design can foster storytelling in public spaces, the experiences of immigrants in public spaces and how our urban systems can support new communities and advance social progress, the role of parks as a driver of equitable community development, and the role of government and public leaders in these public space-related opportunities and challenges.


Panel discussions:


Peer-to-Peer conversations:


Innovation Round discussions: