About City Parks Alliance

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Leveraging the Power of City Parks

City Parks Alliance is the only independent, nationwide organization dedicated solely to urban parks. Our mission is to engage, educate and nurture a broad-based constituency to support the creation, revitalization and sustainability of parks and green spaces that contribute to more vibrant and equitable cities. 

City Parks Alliance leads and serves a network of diverse organizations that encompass the parks world, from neighborhood groups to government agencies, championing high-quality urban parks throughout the nation. City Parks Alliance is vital to sound public policy and citizen engagement that recognizes city parks as integral to ensuring that communities are equitable, healthy, green and engaged and that cities are economically competitive and resilient.

Our members share a vision that everyone in urban America can access to parks and green spaces that are clean, safe and vibrant. To achieve this goal, City Parks Alliance works with local park agencies and advocates to: 

  • Strengthen local capacity to create and maintain urban parks 
  • Promote innovative, equitable public-private partnerships and new funding models that sustain parks 
  • Increase federal, state and local investment in city parks 

Join City Parks Alliance today for discounted registration rates for Greater & Greener and to be a part of the conversation leading up to the conference. Members have access to a suite of highly curated resources and networking opportunities including: 

  • PARKXCHANGE Webinars,
  • PARKXCHANGE Resource Library,
  • PARKXCHANGE City Workshops,
  • PARKXCHANGE Urban Park Study Tour,
  • Biennial Greater & Greener International Urban Park Conference,
  • Research and Advocacy Tools including the National Study of Neighborhood Parks, City Parks: America's New Infrastructure; as well as,
  • Reports, case studies, infographics, and other tools for advocating for parks at the state or local level.

To learn more, visit cityparksalliance.org, follow us on Twitter @CityParksAll, and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/cityparksalliance.